by CLEF Skincare on Jun 01, 2021


If your hand instinctively shoots up to caress your cheeks at the mere mention of ‘skin’, you aren’t the only one. With the beauty industry’s emphasis and fixation on our faces, the two terms have become synonymous.

In this article, we’re for once not talking about that. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and one quick look in the mirror is all it takes to remind us of the fact: it’s skin everywhere, and we’ve been treating it with reckless abandon! Skin below the neck is subjected to the same wear and tear as the one above. So, if you’re wondering whether it similarly deserves to be pampered and cared for, the answer is a big, solid YES. 

Seeing as they’re the same thing, the skin on the face and everywhere else share a great deal in common. For instance, there is no ‘miracle potion’ or black magic to make them perfect overnight, much to our dismay. But there are three simple things that  benefit them both equally: cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreening. These are the basic b*tches of skincare, yet they are often overlooked. While the three-step routine works on all parts of our body, be cautious about mixing your body and facial skincare products as they have different properties and intensities - prolonged usage may cause some issues.

In a perfect world, we have a swear-in ceremony for the brother/sisterhood of the three-step routine and vow to never ditch it; we recite the benefits of the routine by heart and understand its importance completely. But, this isn’t a perfect world. While we’ve previously covered Step One, you might need a refresher - or some convincing - for Step Two. So, shall we?

Why is moisturizing our body so important? 


It helps to lock in moisture.

Our skin has  tiny little pores that we can’t see (if we can, we panic and try to make sure we don’t anymore). Through them, water aka the elixir of youth escapes from our skin, especially for those who spend long hours in dry environments or air-conditioned places. Moisturizer works by creating a seal on the surface of the skin to prevent moisture loss, thus retaining water content and making sure our skin stays soft and balanced. Bid goodbye to dry and scaly skin. 


It enhances your mood!

A good mood paves the way for a good day. Most body moisturizers, like lotions and creams, contain essential oils that enhance your mood and impart various health benefits by way of aromatherapy. Be sure to choose natural essential oils over artificial fragrances to prevent allergy and reap genuine health benefits. 

CLEF Relaxing Body Lotion uses essential oils like yuzu oil and cedarwood oil to not only promote soft and supple skin, but rejuvenate your senses with the spa-grade fragrances of citrus, wood and milk. Equal parts invigorating and grounding, these scents will help you breeze through your day calm and energized.


It supports skin barriers. 

The skin barrier is our first line of defense against invaders like microbes. However, it’s often weakened by irritants we are exposed to, including aggressive chemicals in our body shampoo. Body moisturizers typically contain ingredients like Vitamin E, avocado oil and almond oil that replenish our skin with nutrients to strengthen the skin barrier! In no time, our skin will be ready to fight again. 

Although moisturizers play a big part in maintaining our skin’s health and appearance, drinking enough water and maintaining a healthy diet should not be neglected as well. Okay, revision’s over - time to revisit those vows.