by CLEF Skincare on Aug 06, 2020


What Is Ferulic Acid, and How Do I Use It?

Ferulic acid is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radical damage from pollution, UV light, or infrared radiation. Essentially, it protects overall skin integrity by reducing signs of premature aging caused by oxidation. It’s naturally found in the cell walls of plants, such as bran, rice, oats, peanuts, eggplants, and the seeds of apples and oranges, where it plays a key role in the plants' protection and self-preservation. When used in skincare, ferulic acid does exactly that—it protects and preserves.

Sun damage is one of the main culprits responsible for premature skin aging. Ferulic acid assists in the skin's regeneration functions to take care of skin that has already been over-exposed. When something tries to damage your skin, it creates a molecule that, in its active state, will continue to damage the surrounding skin. Ferulic acid works by stepping in and neutralising these molecules, effectively shutting them down to prevent further damage and trauma.

We recommend integrating ferulic acid into both your AM and PM routines as it will equip your skin with antioxidants to battle the environmental factors during the day, and you will reap its reparative benefits while you sleep at night. Our Hydrating Cleansing Gel, which contains ferulic acid plus other top-notch anti-aging ingredients such as trehalose and DNA repair complex, is a great option to start incorporating ferulic acid into your everyday routine. 

Ferulic acid has a fantastic reputation for being safe for all skin types, and is suitable for daily use. Though, if you have extremely sensitive skin or grain allergies, it’s a good idea to test a small amount of the product first, just as you would with any new skin care product.


5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Ferulic Acid


  1. It reduces the formation of age spots and dark spots

Free radicals can cause an increase in pigmentary alteration, which accelerates the formation of age spots and darkens the appearance of acne scars. The consistent use of ferulic acid can shield the skin from these effects, leaving you with a clear complexion.

Ferulic acid is also known to reduce pigmentation related to melasma, a common pigmentation disorder that causes blotchy brown or gray patches to appear primarily on the skin of the face. According to research, the only thing we have currently to protect against skin pigmentation issues are antioxidants like ferulic acid.



  1. It reduces the formation of fine lines and wrinkles

As if it couldn’t get any worse, free radicals can also cause a loss of firmness in the skin, which is what creates fine lines and wrinkles. Ferulic acid keeps the skin strong and firm by reducing the potential for sagging skin, further cementing its reputation as a stellar anti-aging ingredient. 



  1. It reduces inflammation

Apart from causing premature skin aging, the oxidative damage caused by free radicals can also cause inflammation in the skin, which blocks pores and can lead to those unsightly breakouts. Antioxidants like ferulic acid have anti-inflammatory properties. 


  1. It decreases uneven skin tone by redness

Pollution and radiation, which our skin gets exposed to on a daily basis, cause an increase in the formation of blood vessels, which is what creates redness in our skin. Ferulic acid works to shield the skin from these negative effects, which will leave you with a bright and even skin tone. Time to ditch those color correctors for good! 


  1. It boosts the effects of vitamin C

Vitamin C is a common ingredient in many skincare products—however it isn’t very shelf-stable on its own. It degrades quickly when exposed to sunlight, which is why products rich in vitamin C, mainly serums, usually come in opaque or amber-colored bottles. Ferulic acid enhances the efficacy and stability of highly oxidative substances like these, allowing them to work harder and last longer. Research has found that ferulic acid’s ability to minimize sun damage doubles when combined with vitamin C. So, if you’re already in love with vitamin C (we definitely are), you know what to do.


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