by CLEF Skincare on Jul 08, 2020


What Are Copper Peptides?

Peptides are naturally occurring protein fragments made up of amino acids. Specific formations of amino acids will create specific peptides, and specific formations of peptides will create specific proteins. Proteins are the fundamental building blocks of our skin.

Copper peptides are just one type of peptide (out of hundreds) and have been used in skincare products since the 1990s. To be precise, copper peptides are made out of the element copper and three amino acids. In the formulation of skincare products, these complexes can be synthesised in laboratory settings by combining a solution containing copper with a substance similar to a protein powder.


The Benefits of Copper Peptides

Peptides have gained immense popularity in the world of skincare because there is an abundance of clinical research proving that each of them work in highly specific ways to target specific skin care needs. Copper peptides in particular are great for those who suffer from acne, as they promote wound-healing and prevent breakouts by normalizing the skin’s bacterial concentrations. They are also known to be a skin-restoring ingredient because they teach the skin how to revitalize its building blocks, which in turn brings life back into aging skin. Botox, who?

As our skin ages, its levels of structural proteins (such as collagen and elastin) and glycosaminoglycans (such as hyaluronic acid) naturally decreases, which is what leads to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Copper peptides work to rejuvenate skin cells in aging tissue by boosting the production of these compounds, allowing the skin to regain its elasticity, bounciness, and strength. Incorporating this ingredient into your skincare routine will therefore make many signs of aging less noticeable by slowing down the aging process altogether. 


Further research has also shown that copper peptides are antioxidants, meaning they can counteract the oxidizing effects of free radicals, which we are exposed to on a daily basis through the sun’s harmful UV rays. Over time, the oxidation that they cause can result in cellular damage, leading to signs of aging. 

Copper Peptides in Skincare 

Copper peptides are commonly used in lotions, creams, and serums—products that are meant to be left on the skin to be fully absorbed. In our case, we formulated them into sheet masks to ensure your skin would reap the full benefits of this star ingredient.

Our Anti-Aging Copper Peptide Mask is infused with Copper Tripeptide-1 at a concentration of 0.99%. Research has shown that if used in concentrations exceeding 1%, copper peptides create an unsightly bluish hue and foul metal smell. Moreover, the human skin can only absorb so much. We always believe in using a minimal approach to skincare while delivering maximum effectiveness.


Maximising the Benefits of Copper Peptides

Despite the fantastic benefits copper peptides offer to our skin, it is always important to remember that there is no single-ingredient solution for every single sign of aging and other skin concerns. It would be unrealistic to rely on copper peptides alone (or any other specific skincare ingredient, for that matter) as your skin's solo rescuer. As the saying goes, “Team work makes the dream work!” This is why we use a blend of skin rescuers in our Copper Peptide Mask, which contains a cocktail of skin-replenishing ingredients with stellar reputations and clinically-proven effectiveness, such as German chamomile (chamomilla recutita), licorice root (glycyrrhiza uralensis), purslane (portulaca oleracea), and Asiatic pennywort (centella asiatica). You can learn more about the benefits of each ingredient here.


The Bottom Line

Copper peptides will be a great addition to your skincare routine because they are clinically proven to be effective and have the ability to address multiple skin concerns. But as with all anti-aging ingredients, the most effective approach is to opt for products that use a blend of good ingredients, including skin-soothing and skin-restoring substances to visibly improve the health and appearance of your skin.


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